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22 janvier 2020


LONDON: My experience


           HI GUYS! How are you today


Tower of London-Tour

today i want to talk you my experience in London. At first i was reluctant i reluctant i dreaded the idea of being left to myself away from my family,my friends and the idea i had Englishmen didn't help me at all. My friend told me you worry too much, you should go there to learn a new culture, a new language, new customs. SO HERE I AM!

first week

I won't hide  the fact that i really struggled, i arrived i didn't understand  street names very well nor the language too (LOL). I can tell you it doesn't rain all the time, the English don't drink tea with their index finger up and london doesn't rhyme with Queen Elizabeth 2. I made friends Aminata, Amandine, Dren and Mathys. They are golden people i love them too much.


two months

I love London with my new friends, we visited many monuments like Westminster abbey, Carnaby street, harrods, tower of london and the most famous big ben. I give you some advice:

1-Do not take out a bundle of money\tickets in front of everyone ... in short,  all you change in public and do not carry much cashwith you because of robberies with aggression, pickups and snatch-and-grab robberies also accur in tourist area and airports.

2-Avoid walking alone on the street at night, crosing a park at night stay on main arteries and well-lit places, don't take deserted and poorly lit shorcuts at night.

A by it London is a very beautiful city, i advise you to come to study there or simply to visit.

If you are going, you should visit the sky galden

sky galden

You could also visit chelsea


And South kensington , there are sophisticated streets


You should come and the best is to come 1 year.

It was my adventure to london  to you to create yours,kisses very soon!


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